Nizami district, Baku

Heydar Aliyev avenue 117 (Sport plaza 9th floor)





Duration of training: 32 hours
Training program:
  1. Explanation of the general part of the tax code.
  2. Explanation of a specific section of the Tax Code (Profit, Revenue, VAT, Simplified, Excise, Road, Property, Land and Mining Taxes)
  3. Explanation of other regulations of the Ministry of Taxes
  4. Demonstrative practicing the tax document-turnover with tax authorities
  5. Providing information on how to prepare and send declarations.
  6. Guidelines for the best use of and
  7. Practical preparation of all declarations in the Declaration Planning Program (BTP)
  8. Practical use of (including employee registration, de-registration and change of employment contract)
  9. How to get and use all types of ASAN-imza
  10. Practical rendering of state registration of legal entities
  11. Practical implementation of accounting rules at the Ministry of Taxes (registration and de-registration of the facility, cash registry, posterminal)
  12. Practical awareness of cameral tax audits, training for actions to eliminate all kinds of misstatements.
  13. Informing the taxpayer about the rights and obligations of the taxpayer during the on-site tax inspection, as well as the rights and duties of the tax authority
  14. Responsibility for filing tax laws and filing complaints
  15. Practical presentation of E-invoice, E-TINV and Deposit operations
  16. Rules of effective use of service centers and 195 Call Centers by visiting the Ministry of Taxes
  17. Identification and solution of tax problems
  18. Informing about application of the optimal taxation for businessmen
  19. Providing information on the draft law on changes to the Tax Code that will come into force by 2020 Our lessons will ensure that the Open Space training method is maximized as soon as possible.
    Note that the participants who have successfully completed the training and successfully passed the final exam will receive a certificate approved by the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan!