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ENEMAY FC & CC provides the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Tax, Customs & Law
  • Audit
  • Finance
  • Expertise
  • Organization of personnel work
  • Creating and Starting a Business
  • Creation of management system
  • Outsourcing
  • Consultation


  • Preparation of invoices, invoices, bills of delivery and delivery acts for the executed works and goods sold;
  • Conducting accounting according to the requirements of the Law on Accounting and Tax Code;
  • Preparation and submission of tax, State Social Protection Fund (SSPF), Statistics and other reports;
  • Preparation of bank statements, cash flow statements;
  • Payment of labor tax and social insurance;
  • Registration, de-registration or change of information (founder, name, charter and legal address) of new businesses;
  • Registration and removal of objects of tax authority, cash registers;
  • Preparation of seals, stamps and strict reporting forms;
  • Establishing a 1 C Compliance System and training according to the needs of businesses

Tax, Customs & Law

In a rapidly changing economic environment in the context of globalization, we help you manage your risks while making strategic decisions to fulfill your tax and customs rights and duties to both legal and natural persons.
In a world governed by the complexity of regular flow regulation and full of economic risks, we help prevent tax, customs and legal services and other changes that can affect your business.
Equipped with a constantly integrated global network, tax and customs, as well as legal technical expertise, will guide your operations professionally and provide critical context for you to make appropriate decisions.
We are developing the highest level of integrated tax, customs and legal strategies that will enable you to operate from complexity to global and local.
To act as an agent in the Tax, Customs and other official structures;
Representation of the client’s interests in courts and state bodies;
Interaction of debtors and creditors in the development of schemes for repayment of acceptable debt;
Protection of the rights and interests of clients;
Tax Strategy Advisory;
Consulting according to tax legislation;
Consultation under labor legislation;
Consulting according to the Civil Code;
Monitoring of tax legislation changes;
Planning of tax deduction for companies with simple and special tax regimes;
Optimization of tax calculation and payment;
Relevant comments on investment projects;
Preparation and verification of contracts and other legal documents;
Information support.

  • To act as an agent in the Tax, Customs and other official structures;
  • Representing the client’s interests in the courts and public authorities;
  • The relationship between debtors and creditors in the development of acceptable debt repayment schemes;
  • Protection of the rights and interests of clients


  • Special audit;
  • Internal audit;
  • Strengthen the control of internal procedures;
  • Audit of Financial Statements in accordance with International Standards on Auditing;
  • Carrying out of complex audit by independent auditors, preparation of audit opinion


  • Providing advice on calculation and payment of other payments, including tax liabilities;
  • Development and application of separate financial and tax schemes;
  • Providing advice on taxes and other compulsory payments on closed acts;
  • Act legalization and tracking of payment transactions;
  • Analysis of contracts for minimization of taxes and other payments;
  • Current subscriber services to enterprises;
  • Protection of the client’s interests and rights in tax and other government agencies;


Organization of expertise and preparation of official feedback on all areas of activity


We offer the following human resources services in accordance with the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We think that by using our services you will be able to devote more time to your business.


  • Personnel records (personal business formation, employment contracts in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, job instructions, applications, orders, opening of workbooks
  • Documentation of employment, dismissal, transfer, leave, business trip and other orders;
  • Preparation of labor book registration records;
  • Preparation of job descriptions;
  • Changing the terms of the employment contract with the consent of the employer and the employee, making additions and changes or drafting the protocol;
  • Termination of employment contract (with indication of its basis) and guarantees of employees upon termination;
  • Making appropriate records after interviewing a candidate during his / her retirement;
  • Employee leave rights and their provision (employment, education, creativity, social, unpaid leave);
  • Preparation of leave, sickness and business cards, as well as record keeping;
  • Provision of workers’ social insurance;
  • Ensuring the rights of employees working in hazardous working conditions;
  • Ensuring the rights of women and employees under the age of 18;
  • Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities;
  • Preparation of references, charters for employees;
  • Compulsory insurance of workers due to accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • Provision of health insurance for employees and their families, if necessary;
  • Preparation and submission of all statistical reports to the State Employment Service;


  • Calculation of monthly salaries for the enterprise;
  • Prepare a timetable reflecting the hours worked by the employee during the day;
  • Preparation of appropriate staff schedule for the enterprise;
  • Calculation of annual leave for employees or compensation for unused leave;
  • Payment of wages for work done on holidays which are not days off and work days;
  • Ensuring the rights of employees who work overtime;
  • Calculation of lump-sum allowances, maternity allowances and other benefits for the child at the age of three, for sickness, pregnancy and childbirth, dismissal, military service;
  • Preparation of final accounts;
  • Payment of temporary replacement fee;
  • Ensuring the rights of the employee at the time of discharge due to the fault of the employer or employee;
  • Preparation of employees’ invoices.


Monitoring of mobile inspections conducted by the State Labor Inspectorate and the State Social Protection Fund.


  • Registration of new companies, changing data and liquidation of companies;
  • Obtaining licenses for various areas of business;
  • Writing a business plan
  • Acquisition of investment promotion documents
  • Preparation of information services and documentation for obtaining preferential loans from the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support


  • Analysis of the current situation;
  • Instructing the personnel of the customer;
  • Development of a Quality Management System Development Program;
  • Preparation of documents within the Quality Management System;
  • Implementation of the Quality Management System;
  • Training of internal auditors.


The practice of outsourcing that is widely used in the world is justifying itself in Azerbaijan. Today, the leading companies in the country even entrust accounting matters to an outside organization. Based on our extensive experience in this field, we offer outsourcing services.

Outsourcing is a means of optimizing the company’s operations by transferring functions that are outside the company’s profile to other specialized companies. In the world practice, the use of the services of specialized companies instead of keeping professionals in the state is widespread. One of the most popular services in the market today is outsourcing. The active development of outsourcing gives companies great advantages over budget savings and the quality of their work. The staff of many companies have difficulties in performing their jobs or are often unable to cope. In this case, the outsourcing company will soon be able to qualitatively eliminate the problems. Companies operating in a modern style use outsourcing in these or other areas.


  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Operations consulting